One day I want to become a writer, and artist, an editor. I have traveled so much with my parents and my brothers that they are my closest friends and sometimes I wonder if I can actually say I come from any certain country. I love food so much that I think of countries according to the dishes they serve. And also, I am sharing my life with you.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The life of a blog

It is sad when something ends, when you find that you cannot or you are unwilling to go further in a certain direction. Either when something is taken from you or you give it away it is usually accompanied by some kind of sadness, a feeling or sorrow. All you can do is hope that that sorrow will turn to hope and new beginnings and in my case it has.
Contemplations for Dessert might be done but you can still follow along, if you are so inclined, at a new blog. One that is much more catered to writing.
T is for... is my new mostly writing blog about the new -

See you there ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Work Permits and the things we are allowed to do with them

It has been sent out! Huzzah!
I am finally, now waiting, for a work permit that will allow me to get my first ever job in Ca-na-da! I'm overly excited! I kid you not, I don't even mind taking a random job just to be able to get some money in the door. That's how excited I am about this!
OK. I might admit, I have been.... A little bored.
Mostly just when the Boy isn't around.
And OK, I'll admit that he's gotten another offer for a full time job that he really needs right now.
So yes! Fine! I'm bored and love to do any kind of work!
I'm that person that folds laundry for fun and organizes the books and DVDs because she likes how easy it is to find them afterwards and they look so pretty when they're all neat.

But also if I get a job and a bit of an income, then I won't have to depend on my parents for everything anymore. That, above all else, is something that I would really be proud of.
It'll also bring me that much closer to moving to Montreal. Something the Boy and I have been talking about.

So yes. Ex-ci-ted!

ps: don't you love Fall colors?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Old friends, New places

Can you believe it? 5 years after high school, after moving from the US of A to Paris and then back to North America in the lovely city of Vancouver, Canada, I found myself sitting in front of my high school roommate yesterday.
The strange and great thing being that, even with all that time we were apart, I was still so ridiculously in sync with her just like back in the boarding house. It's good to see some things staying great.
I'm living on Main Street in Vancouver now, an amazing place with lots of great places to eat and drink and be merry. I've actually already recommended the great restaurant Grub in a previous post. No one who comes here to visit really knows to come down here, an opinion formulated by my good friend when we had dinner yesterday, so I might as well tell anyone and everyone about the great places I know.

We met up at El Camino's, a superbe little place on Main and 16th is a lot of great fun and some delicious food. Not somewhere you'd want to go for a full meal but great for a snack and a drink and catching up with some old friends. Not quite a bar and not quite a restaurant, it's just a chillin little mexican spot. The service is fantastic too.

Afterwards, to treat a Scottish girl to a real cup of tea, we went to this superb spot that's just a stride away from mine and the Boy's called Sweet Revenge. You will never be in a nicer spot for ambiance and good old fashioned teas and... yes.... The greatest slices of cake you'll ever have. It's an evening place, only opening around 7pm and it's tiny with mismatched furniture. The music is smooth and relaxing, just like the beverages. Sigh, I feel good just thinking about it.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Back from the dead (or so it would seem)

My dear dear blog, it has been so very long! *dusts off cobwebs*
I have the pleasure to say that I have passed my year in Vancouver Film School with flying colors! Huzzah! Those last terms were a handful and unfortunately the blog got the cut over everything else. And my reading took a fair blow to the... do books have guts?
In any case! I am finito! Just finished organizing all my paperwork, my diploma and transcripts away into my lovely new folder, in my lovely new living room, in my lovely new house!
Yes I have moved to Main Street. What is impressive you ask? I had a lease that finished and I moved, what's so great about that?
Well even though it has been a thousand years bloggy dear, and I had just started seeing the Boy around about the time I slowed my writing here, I have officially moved in with my boyfriend!
Way too excited about it? Nonsense.
Although just before and after graduating I spent quite a bit of time here anyways and I felt at home then, I have the feeling it hasn't really sunk in just because I don't even realize it.
You know when you feel so comfortable with someone nothing needs to be a big deal and everything is a nice moment.

I'm not sure how the boy feels but I know for sure he is happy as a fiddle right now just because of one little newcomer.

Say hello to Dr. Harleen Quinzel!
(We're nerds, deal with it.)

She is possibly the sweetest little rat I have ever known. And the Boy is already so in love with her I had to have a serious talk with him to stop him from bringing her to his work.
(i.e. A restaurant. They don't really like rats there.)

More info about moving in is coming up!
I'm back baby!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's...It's been so long

I feel like it's one of those moments, like when you've just moved into an old house with lots of character and (as the laws of moving in state) you're running around exploring every inch of it. This of course is called exploring but it's really just you trying to find something special and magical about your new house.
Coming back here after being gone so long and working on so much stuff is like finding a long lost attic full of the things you didn't remember were there. Like rediscovering the house you left behind and remembering that there was so much you had left there.
My posts are dust covered boxes of past experiences.
This might seem ridiculous because it hasn't been that long. But in internet time it's been decades!

Let me show you what I have been staring at since our seperation blog.

Luckily I've had the pleasure of sitting next to this gentleman here, who is one of the best dilaogue mixers to mix with. Just a treat really.